The voice controlled innovation in your marketing and communication

The future of marketing and communication in your company lies not in written words, but in speech. Boost your company's results with high quality voice messages combined with the latest technological innovations.

That recognizable broadcast voice or the high quality answering message you heard recently? Chances are the professionals of VoiceGear

voicegear professionals were involved in supplying them!

Your telephone remains, even today, the most important way to reach new and existing customers

Important message to the 'Captains of Industry'!

Several economic and financial experts are unanimous that no branch of the industry could survive a
second and certainly not a third lockdown. It is now clear that every new wave can only be avoided
with strict hygiene measures for all staff and visitors who must comply with these rules to protect
employees and your company. Voicegear can support you in this matter by displaying advice
messages proactively in your communication infrastructure. We have worked out various options for

Protect your human capital Health Attendant

Our latest voice controlled innovation is especially aimed at protecting your staff and visitors during a health crisis such as COVID-19. The Health Attendant detects presence, plays a professional message with health related instructions and simultaneously purifies the air of viruses and harmful particles. Affordable, can be integrated in every space and can be used for many purposes.

Make the difference with professional voice messages

In high quality and with native speakers - that's how you leave a lasting impression with people calling your company. VoiceGear only works with the best in the field and advises you based on years of experience.

The right voice and the right message set the tone in your company. Create the atmosphere to do business in now.


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If you are requesting a non-binding quote for the Health Attendant, don't forget to include the size of your space(s).




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