Health Attendant


Where is the Health Attendant indispensable?


The voice controlled innovation that offers your human capital safety, trust and protection

Research shows that enclosed spaces we use often and with different people highly contribute to the transmission of COVID-19 and other viruses. Unwillingly your shared space, such as a restroom or canteen, could turn into a source of infection - despite all your taken measures! VoiceGear & Pinewood Electronics present the Health Attendant - your voice controlled innovation to promote hygiene in the workplace! your shared or public restroom

Restrooms shared by many people are an important source of infection.

The Health Attendant detects a presence in the room, points out hygienic measures (cleaning the seat, washing the hands) and purifies the air continuously of viruses and harmful particles. The calming atmosphere provided by the voice and sounds of nature together instill a feeling of trust in your staff member or visitor.

Winkel your retail space

Shopping has turned into a necessity rather than a fun activity due to the COVID-19 crisis. Customers have to comply to several rules to ensure safe shopping, which has a devastating effect on your profits. The Health Attendant is the solution to make shopping safe and fun again. While the air is purified from viruses, the voice messages make your customer feel welcome and safe once again. There is a device and price suitable for any store type and size. your company break room

At least once a day many members of your staff and personnel come together in a shared, enclosed space to enjoy their lunch. This communal meeting space can easily turn into a source of infection. The Health Attendant points out hygienic measures to your staff (washing the hands, keeping distance and only touching food they will eat) while purifying the air of viruses and harmful particles. A pleasant environment is created with clean air and when soft background music could be played.

Elevator your building's elevator

In both commercial properties and residential buildings the elevator is the crossing point of many people during the day. These small, confined spaces have been proven to be an important source of infection. Social distancing is not an option in an elevator. The Health Attendant reminds people to wear a mask and touch buttons with gloves only. They are then soothed by a calming voice and background music. More important: the air is continuously purified to remove viruses and harmful particles.

Also for small residential buildings there is an affordable solution to this health risk with the Health Attendant:

...on your commercial busride

Enclosed spaces such as commercial buses, in which people stay for longer periods, can contribute to the spread of viruses. Unwillingly city trips to popular destinations can become a source of infection.

The Health Attendant gives instructions during the busride, creates a calming atmosphere, purifies the air from viruses and replaces the oxygen. The Health Attendant can also assist the driver by announcing schedules, coffee stops or sights along the ride.

Classroom classrooms

Now that the schools are starting up again, there is a great lack of clarity and unrest among many parents and teachers. In late summer it may still be possible to ventilate classrooms, of course, but once the cold sets in, that is no longer an option. The Health Attendant reminds students to wear a mask and wash their hands. More importantly, the air is continuously purified and, above all, all virus particles and harmful substances are removed and the CO content is converted back to oxygen. They also take the common flu home less easily! your sports center

Whether it concerns a yoga studio, a squash center or a fitness club - the fact is that many people gather there and that due to intensive breathing, microdroplets with virus particles are spread more easily. Sports clubs have therefore suffered greatly from the imposed lockdowns. Investing in the Health Attendant can be a big step for your sports club to promote safety! Your members are reminded of the precautions in place, while the air for them is filtered of viruses. Not only that: the air is cleaned of all harmful substances, which will further improve sports performance. Also a unique selling point for your club after COVID-19!

Sports center
Retirement home retirement homes

Nursing homes, residential care centers and also service flats were hit hard during the COVID-19 crisis. The latest heat wave also showed that air conditioning, apart from carbonization, did not offer a solution for removing viruses or harmful substances, which prevented them from running, which is disastrous for many older people. The Health Attendant can relieve the care homes by reminding visitors and residents of hygienic measures, reassuring them, and providing fresh purified air. This is also vital for people with respiratory problems.

Why invest in the Health Attendant? Follow the science!


Most COVID-19 contagions are asymptomatic

An alarming recent discovery is that most people who test positive for COVID-19 don't have any symptoms of the disease. These people can transmit the virus to other people, for example at work, without even being aware. Extra measures are needed to prevent a big outbreak and the Health Attendant is your best choice.


Microdroplets spreads viruses through the air

239 scientists from all over the world agree: microscopic droplets with virus particles are exhaled and remain floating in the air for a long time in enclosed spaces. These scientists recommend the use of virus killing UV-lamps in airfilters to slow the circulation of these droplets. The Health Attendant complies to all requirements and more, using filters that completely purify and swap out the air. All spaces, big or small, can be made virus-free (but also free of other toxins and unhealthy particles).

Viruses have been found in sewage

Prof. EM. Jef Arnout of the KU Leuven initiated a project for the faster tracing of virus contagions. He proved scientifically that COVID-19 is present in sewage. Taking extra measures for your shared or public restroom, by adding the Health Attendant, is necessary.


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